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The Uganda Carnivore Program (formerly the Uganda Large Predator Program) is headquartered and operated in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda. Until recently, UCP operated as a Makerere University training and research program. We currently have a draft memorandum of understanding submitted to the Uganda Wildlife Authority to establish a collaborative framework. We are also in the process of additional steps to secure our work, especially in the Kasenyi area of the park. Either local voluntary work or minimal allowances help keep our administrative overheads very low, leaving the majority of funds to go directly toward conservation, research, and education. UCP is a transparent organization in terms of how our donations are used, and we are always open to how funds can be distributed.

Your support goes a long way in assisting us as we continue our work. Put another way, you are the reason why the conservation of wilderness and wildlife in places like Queen Elizabeth is still possible.

By donating to UCP, you are investing as a stakeholder in a hopeful future for lions, leopards, hyenas, and other amazing wildlife. Your gift goes toward radio collars and other critical GPS/telemetry equipment to monitor our resident carnivores and prevent human-carnivore conflict. It also helps us maintain our vehicles that we use daily, procures darting equipment and software as part of our conservation and research endeavors, and helps support local communities through the improvement of livestock enclosures, non-harmful predator deterrents, and educational, sustainable, economic, and capacity building efforts for local communities.

Please consider contributing above to a good and worthwhile cause. Thank you so much for your support!