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The Uganda Carnivore Program would like to thank our amazing partners. Whether individual or institutional, financial or collaborative and research-oriented, your support has helped reduce human-carnivore-conflict, provided much-needed assistance for local communities living in the greater Queen Elizabeth Conservation Area, and promoted our continued research, conservation, and education work as part of our goal of protecting iconic and ecologically important species like lions, leopards, and spotted hyenas in Uganda.

We are especially appreciate to organizations like the Oakland Zoo and Zoo Ausburg. Your partnerships have greatly helped support our field work, especially with local communities and carnivore conservation.

The Wildlife Conservation Society has also been a wonderful partner in the field. They helped us collar 11 lions (five in the southern sector of the park and six in the north), assist in carnivore monitoring, help cover the Ishasha sector, and work with us in joint wildlife rescue operations. This includes working together to save the life of Jacob, a lion that had his leg caught in a poacher’s trap. You can read more about this amazing story by clicking here.

We would like to personally thank Monica Tyler for her prior contributions, both through education and helping support our work in the field. Though Monica has sense taken a new position, the Uganda Carnivore Program remains grateful to her for all of the amazing work she did. This includes fundraising, partnering with the Oakland Zoo, partnership with Disney Conservation, and so much more. Thank you, Monica!

An additional thanks goes out to National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore. Known for his work on the National Geographic Photo Ark, an ambitious project to document global biological diversity, Joel worked with us as part of the 2011 National Geographic story about the challenges of the Albertine Rift. His image of a tree-climing male lion at dawn in Queen Elizabeth National Park’s southern Ishasha sector was named as one of the top 50 National Geographic Magazine photos. In addition to being an amazing conservation photographer, Joel is a humble and kind individual who cares a great deal about the future of wildlife. To learn more about him and support his work, please visit his website at http://joelsartore.com.

We also thank the Uganda Wildlife Authority for their continued support and partnership. We are fortunate to have an institution so highly committed to the conservation of Uganda’s natural heritage. Were it not for their dedication and hard work, Uganda’s precious natural resources might be in a much more precarious state. We appreciate the commitment that UWA has made to ensure that our work continues in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

​If you’re interested in becoming a partner of UCP, supporting our work, or collaborating on research, please don’t hesitate to reach out on our contact page.