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    Dr. Ludwig Siefert

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    Dr. Ludwig Siefert is a wildlife veterinarian and head of the Uganda Carnivore Program. He is also an honorary wildlife officer with the Uganda Wildlife Authority. He was a founding member of the Uganda Large Predator Project and has been working in Queen Elizabeth National Park since the 1990s. In addition, he is an honorary senior lecturer at Makerere University’s Department of Wildlife and Animal Resources Management. Dr. Siefert is often called on by the Uganda Wildlife Authority to monitor the health of animals in many of Uganda’s national parks, including Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, and Lake Mburo National Park. Though his particular focus is predators, Siefert also works on elephant, giraffe, and other ungulate species.

    Dr. Siefert is originally from Germany, where he received his degree in veterinary medicine. His postgraduate work led him to Uganda for research until he was forced to leave during the Idi Amin years. In addition to postgraduate work as a wildlife vet, Siefert earned a master’s degree in Tropical Animal Production. He returned to Uganda in 1990 and began teaching epidemiology, preventive medicine, and public health at Makerere University, where he was a founding member of its Wildlife and Animal Resources Management Department. He has also instructed for, and collaborated with, many U.S., Canadian, and European universities.

    Alongside his wildlife vet and university lecturer responsibilities, Dr. Siefert heads UCP’s conservation education and community-based conservation activities throughout Queen Elizabeth National Park.

    Dr. Siefert is passionate about Uganda’s wildlife and people, and has shared his knowledge and passion by mentoring hundreds of Ugandan and international students over the years.  He is also generous of his time and knowledge with tourists to the parks in which he works.