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    Michael Schwartz

    Principal Advisor (888) 123-4567 info@example.com


    Mike Schwartz is UCP’s research assistant and scientific advisor. His focus with UCP is large carnivore ecology (spotted hyena, leopard, lion) and human-carnivore conflict mitigation and prevention. Mike helps on anything from technical reports to field research, carnivore monitoring, presentations, and fundraising. He has also assisted in the field with lion radio collaring and responding to reports of livestock depredation.

    Mike has a double bachelor (BSc in biology, BA in communications), and an MA in African Studies. Previously, he wrote for the National Geographic Society under the guidance of his now-retired editor, David Braun, often traveling to different countries throughout East and Southern sub-Saharan Africa to document various wildlife conservation issues and initiatives, which is how he originally met the UCP team.

    It was Uganda that Mike kept returning to most often as his interest in natural history and observations/questions began a transition from wildlife journalism to scientific research.

    Mike believes that successful carnivore conservation requires working with, understanding, and involving local people as much as researching lions or spending time in wildlife-rich habitats. He also believes in facing challenges and setbacks with patience and resolve, both in life and when it comes to the greater goal of ensuring a future for large carnivores.