The Uganda Carnivore Program (UCP) is a multi-disciplinary organization, devoted to the research and conservation of Uganda’s large carnivores—​lions, leopards, and hyenas. Our work is primarily carried out in Queen Elizabeth National Park and the greater Queen Elizabeth Conservation Area, though we are sometimes called upon to assist in other protected areas in Uganda, including Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, and Lake Mburo National Park.

Predator populations have rapidly declined.

We are working hard to save them.



Through research, radio collaring, monitoring, and community engagement, UCP works to mitigate human-lion conflict in Queen Elizabeth National Park and the surrounding conservation area to protect the park’s resident lion


Hyenas are commonly seen in the Kasenyi area of northern Queen Elizabeth National Park. UCP works to ensure that hyenas remain an integral part of the ecology and biodiversity of the Kasenyi plains and the greater Queen Elizabeth Conservation Area.


UCP engages in livestock enclosure improvement, education, and other community conservation and sustainable livelihood programs such as Leopard Village to protect livestock and leopards in and around Queen Elizabeth National Park.


“If wild lands and lions are lost because of our carelessness and greed, then Africa will lose her identity, and with her loss, all of us will lose our collective memory of where we originated from. Hearing and feeling lions’ roar next to you in the dark switches on that ancient, ambivalent gene of flight or fight…it still exists–the short history of civilization couldn’t eliminate it. That experience, fairly shared with tourists, but more so with local community members, finally after the assimilation of attitudinal change, is the reward despite all the many frustrations that come with it.”

— Dr. Ludwig Siefert, Uganda Carnivore Program