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    James Kalyewa

    Research Assistant info@uganda-carnivores.org


    James Kalyewa is UCP’s senior research assistant, based primarily in the northern sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park. He is responsible for the day-to-day monitoring of the park’s predators, while also assisting Dr. Siefert in darting, radio collaring, and animal health assessments. In addition, James supports the Uganda Wildlife Authority’s human-wildlife conflict mitigation activities, including reporting on illegal activity within the park and working with the communities on wildlife conservation and other related education efforts.

    James has been involved in numerous wildlife interventions, including rescuing and relocating lions and leopards and removing snares from elephant, buffalo, and warthog. He has also assisted in the translocation of waterbuck and Jackson’s hartebeest from Murchison Falls National Park to Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve, as well as the translocation of giant forest hogs from Queen Elizabeth National Park to Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve.

    More recently, James led our survey of community attitudes in Muhokya and Kahendero villages, and is working with local teachers on conservation education outreach in community schools.

    In his spare time, James offers his expertise to the Uganda Wildlife Authority’s Experiential Tourism initiative in Queen Elizabeth National Park.  James goes out with tourists into the park, where he shows them how predator tracking is performed while providing them with first-hand knowledge of the challenges involved in research and conservation by introducing them to the area’s wildlife and people.

    James earned a certificate and a diploma in wildlife and allied natural resource management from the Uganda Wildlife Training Institute, and also has a certificate in predator-human conflict management from the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia.